Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Book of Awesome!

A friend recently suggested that I buy "The Book of Awesome".  So, I went out and got a book by that name (the one pictured above).  Turns out, it was the wrong book.  The one that she was talking about is actually a children's book (I'm still going to get that one too) and the one I got is a compilation of anecdotes and short stories that the author says have caused him to think "Awesome!" when they happened.  Some examples include "when you push the button for the elevator and it's already there", or "finally remembering a word that's been on the tip of your tongue for a long time", or "hitting a bunch of green lights in a row".  It's a "Chicken Soup" kind of book that suggests that "sometimes it's easy to forget the things that make us smile and it's tempting to think the world is falling apart.  But, awesome things are all around us".  And, it got me thinking. What are some of the things that might cause me to think "Awesome!" when they happen?

Certainly, some of them are already listed in the book (for example "coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner" or "snow falling on Christmas Eve"- those ARE awesome!).  With very little thought, I came up with some of my own that relate directly to my passion for health and fitness, and my desire to help others reach their goals.

Day after day, being able to experience the joy of sharing the benefits of consistent exercise and healthy eating with others - Awesome!

Watching a client, that perhaps has been struggling with their nutrition, finally having that "aha" moment when they realize the correlation between clean, healthy eating and their ability to perform their workouts at a higher level - Awesome!

Watching as a whole class does an exercise together and they ALL execute it correctly without any cues - Awesome!

Feeling the struggle, and then seeing the determined look on their face, as they realize that YES, they CAN do it! - Awesome!

Having a client tell me that they have followed the clean eating principles for 6 weeks and they have never felt better, emotionally as well as physically - Awesome!

Noticing the new found confidence, the inner strength and the happiness of a client who has overcome their perceived limitations - Awesome! 

Knowing, and witnessing, how all the trainers I work with really are passionate and do care, as much as I do, about our clients. - Awesome! 

Watching as a client picks up a heavier weight than they did at their last workout, without being told that they should - Awesome!

Being at the finish line to cheer on a client who started out only being able to speed walk a short distance before feeling winded and is now finishing a 5K or 10K running event - Awesome!

Watching a client's face light up with joy and a smile when they realize, at their "end of training" measuring, just how many inches they've actually lost - Awesome!

I know, it's a fairly short list.  But, it's a start and I'm definitely going to continue to see the "awesome" in as many things and situations as I can.  And, I challenge you to think of your own list.  What causes you to react with an "Awesome!" response?