Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kettlebell Training Classes

To introduce you to the benefits of training with kettlebells, we are offering a week of BFF (Best Friends & Family) Introductory Classes.  Bring a friend or family member and the class is FREE!  These classes will be held the week of February 7th - 12th.  Contact the office for more detailed information on times and locations.  And, our next 4-Week Kettlebell Training Session begins on February 14th.  Sign up NOW to ensure you have a spot!

Kettlebells have been around for quite a while, but they have just fairly recently received a huge upswing (pun intended) in interest and popularity.

For those that don’t already know, a kettlebell is (as you can see in the picture) a weight that looks somewhat like a cannonball with a handle attached.  Unlike traditional dumbbells, the kettlebell's center of mass is extended beyond the hand.  This allows for swing movements not possible with traditional dumbbells and, because more muscle groups are utilized in the swinging and movement of a kettlebell (than during the lifting of dumbbells), a kettlebell workout is said to be more effective, and can yield better results in less time.

I believe that, in addition to giving you incredible muscle endurance, when combined with a proper nutrition plan, a kettlebell workout will rapidly melt any excess fat that you may have!  The kettlebell training we provide involves compound exercises, that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and seeks to integrate your breathing, movement and alignment along with your ability to control and balance the weight.  You are not isolating parts of the body the way you do with traditional weight-training workouts.  A swing or snatch is pretty much a full body exercise, distributing the load over a wide range, from your feet all the way to your hands.  Of course, some parts of the body are worked more than others and, consequently, you develop core strength, muscular endurance and increased cardio capability all at the same time!
Corissa (one of our "A Team of Trainers") and I took the training to be certified instructors for pro-grade kettlebells (that's us in the top picture performing an intermediate level move) and I am really excited to offer this training option to our clients.  I believe that kettlebell training really is a fun, safe way to get in shape and stay in shape!  For the women, kettlebell swings will get your legs and glutes looking better than they ever have and kettlebell presses will give you a sculpted body with movements that are similar to yoga but with the added benefits of resistance training.  For the men, a kettlebell training program is one of the best fitness regimes to build functional strength, stamina and explosiveness that are ideal for all sports.
We vigilantly ensure that all Alter Ego Fitness participants employ proper, safe techniques, when working with the kettlebells and, to ensure more effective monitoring of proper use and form, our classes are kept small.  I'm confident that almost everyone – from beginners to fit athletes – will see the positive benefits and results of a kettlebell workout.  You really should try them out as part of your exercise routine!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Personal Weight Loss Resolutions

Did you recently make a "resolution" to lose weight?  Personally, I find it troubling when so much time, money and energy is spent to convince us to lose weight and really, what is weight loss?  When we lose weight are we really losing the excess body fat that is jiggling all over our bodies?  If we run enough, or sweat enough, will we see weight loss or less jiggling?  Ultimately, will we be healthier and fitter?  Probably not!

The right reason to get into a personal fitness program is not because you are being shamed into it and not because everyone else is doing it (the gyms are at their busiest right now).  And, it’s definitely not because there are sales on all over town.  The best reason is because you know,  deep down, that you need to do something.  You feel more jiggles than last year, your weight gain is steadily going up no matter what you do and you generally feel "blah".  Listen to your inner self, that "gut instinct" that tells you – you need to/want to do something!

With most diets, the weight loss you experience in a few short weeks is usually NOT fat loss.  If you aren't eating right, it can easily be muscle loss and if you are not drinking enough water it can simply be water loss.  Both of which are unhealthy and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will put that weight back on.  We all know that “yo-yo” dieting doesn’t work and it's now being widely reported to be detrimental to overall health in the long run.  Seriously, the whole concept of “dieting” doesn’t work.  Looking at your nutrition as a lifestyle change (not a short term diet) along with following a consistent fitness training program is the best way to combat weight gain (body fat gain) and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In a healthy fitness and nutrition program, the most weight loss (that can easily be calculated with that scale you have at home) you should see in one week is 1 to 2 lbs.  That’s it!  (Did you just do the math in your head calculating how long it would take you to get to the number you seek?  Stop that!)

If you consistently lose that, then you KNOW you are probably doing things right.  You're NOT letting yourself become dehydrated (because you know to drink 10 to 12 cups every day) or losing muscle (because you are working out consistently 2 to 3 times a week).  And, usually, the norm is that some people don’t see the number on the scale move too much for the first 4 to 6 weeks (and sometimes up to 12 weeks!) because they are gaining muscle but the excess body fat is still there.  In my own personal body transformation, I lost over 10% body fat but saw only a 5 lb weight loss on the scale.  For those of you not understanding the change a 10% body fat loss means – to me, I lost 5 dress sizes – but ONLY 5 lbs!  But, with all that muscle gain, the weight on the scale kept moving down.  By this time I was convinced that number on the scale wasn’t the answer.  Muscle gain, clean nutrition and consistency in both nutrition and training were what was needed.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome To My Personal Fitness Blog!

Here I go, jumping into the world of blogging!  Literally and figuratively (that's me on the right).

After much thought, consideration and planning (with a fair amount of work by my personal assistant - read "husband") I am venturing into another form of electronic communication.  I am REALLY new at this, so please be patient.

I look forward to using this media to share some thoughts on health and fitness (i.e. tips, recipes); pass on information that I believe is important to our client's overall well-being; and, generally share my opinion on a variety of health, nutrition, fitness and personal training related topics.  But, in all fairness, I should warn you that it may occasionally be on more of a personal interest topic that I feel a need to "get off my chest".  At all times, I welcome your comments.

If you want to keep receiving these tidbits of knowledge and info from me, please click on either the "Follow" or member "Sign In" link on the right side of this page and add your info.

Enough said for now.  Until next time, I remain . . . Yours in Fitness!