Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trends in Fitness (Weight Loss) and the Health Industry

I was asked, just the other day, “What do you see as the coming trends in your type of business?”

I sighed and went on to explain:  In my industry – to do with fitness, nutrition, overall health and, of course, the illusive weight loss – I’m dismayed and troubled by all the "quick and fast" approaches that so many organizations/corporations and, unfortunately, even those once considered "health gurus" are promoting.

If it were all that easy – no one would be overweight.  No one would have health issues around a sedentary lifestyle.  Heart disease would not be as prevalent as it is today.  We would just pop that "magic" pill, eliminate that food group, do that detox, eat that “super” food or whatever else is touted as the "latest", so that, before we know it, – we're healthy, fit, and slim!

Alas, you may be slim but you aren't necessarily healthy!  Beware of ALL the quick fixes.  They don’t exist!  Hard work, discipline, healthy eating (which is very different for every body and requires journaling and monitoring to be truly effective), along with adequate hydration and a consistent level of activity is what creates, and keeps, a healthy body.

Every BODY is different and for sure, not every BODY fits the societal "norm" for what is considered healthy and fit.  If you are slim, then you must be healthy, right?  Far from the truth!  And, to take it one step further, if you have no pain or symptoms of injury or sickness, then you must be healthy, right?  Wrong again!

What's usually the first sign of heart disease?  Pain, discomfort, arm tingling, heart burn?  Nope!  The most prevalent first "sign" that you have heart disease is DEATH!

Now, if you asked that person prior to their heart attack, how they feel on any given day – they probably would have told you – GREAT!  Even though they didn’t eat so well, or didn't exercise on a consistent basis (two ways in which one can prevent – yes, PREVENT heart disease!).

Forget the quick fixes – they do not work!  Get out there and get regular, consistent exercise and really take a long hard look at your nutrition.  Seek professional help with your nutrition and your exercise regime.  There are plenty of us out there passionate about helping you change your lifestyle so you can really be fit, healthy and ultimately happy!  We want you to, as the Heart & Stroke Foundation's latest ad campaign encourages, "Make Death Wait!".

Enough said for now.  Until next time, I remain . . . Yours in Fitness!