Monday, March 14, 2011

Make A Commitment To Your Personal Health and Fitness

I applaud everyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle.  Those who want to get fitter and healthier.  However, it seems that most folks don’t get past the first 2 months of their new-found enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle.  Why?  Because there are too many out there who don’t really understand the concept of combining training (exercise) and nutrition.  Or, how they work together.  Each is not sufficient, on their own, to achieve the success that most people seek.

Without a regime of healthy nutrition, you are setting yourself up for failure.  You will be working your body hard, while failing to supply it with the fuel it requires to perform at a peak level.  So, you’ll just get into your training regime only to have to quit because you will be injured or sick.  Getting sick (flu or cold) within 6 to 8 weeks of any training program usually means your nutrition hasn’t been adjusted to help your body compensate for the exercise you’re doing.

To ensure you are losing body fat and gaining muscle, consider having a professional give you a Comprehensive Body Assessment.  It’s one of the best ways to follow your success.  At Alter Ego Fitness Experience we take numerous girth measurements and, by using a formula developed by the US Navy Seals, we will then accurately calculate your overall body fat percentage.  This Comprehensive Body Assessment works well at the beginning of your training and nutrition program and then every 6 weeks thereafter.  

Working with a trainer, and/or nutritionist, you can then monitor your nutrition and make any changes necessary for healthy body fat loss and muscle gain!  Body fat loss and muscle building through a fitness regime, combined with a solid nutrition program – now you are on the right track for long term health and fitness!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Rejuvenation Retreat

March 31st - April 3rd, 2011

For women only!

Pay in full by March 07th and you SAVE $50!

We have secured the deluxe, luxury rooms at the Oceanwood Resort (a small, but certainly not lacking in the "pamper you" department, resort) on Mayne Island.  All suites, but one, have a view of the ocean and some even have large soaker tubs and fireplaces!  Also included are an outdoor hot tub (pictured), as well as a games room with a pool table and a very intimate restaurant.  Check it out online at to pick out your preferred room.
For the "rejuvenation" portion of your retreat, you will have the opportunity to join us on both Friday and Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM for a 90 minute Alter Ego workout, and both afternoons we'll also host a one hour run or hike at 2:30 PM. 
Your meals are given the utmost attention to detail and taste as they choose only the "freshest of the fresh" ingredients.  The taste and presentation is comparable to the top restaurants here in Victoria.  You will not be disappointed!
And, I realize that some of us cannot possibly enjoy a good meal without a glass of wine.  For those folks, they have a well stocked bar, with many varieties of wine and cocktails.  But, alcoholic beverages and desserts are not included in your package price.  However, you will have the opportunity to indulge if you wish - after all it is your retreat!
Your retreat package includes:
·      Accommodations, with the option of a 3-night stay (arriving Thursday afternoon, March 31st) or a 2-night stay (arriving Friday afternoon);
·      ALL meals (excluding drinks and desserts)!  You will get a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, as well as a full breakfast/brunch on Sunday before you leave;
·     ALL taxes and gratuities, for the included accommodations and meals;
·     Two 90-minute workouts - one each on Friday and Saturday mornings;
·     Two 1-hour hikes and/or runs - one each on Friday and Saturday afternoons; and,
·     For those choosing the 3-night option, a "Meet and Greet" social event on Thursday evening.

PRICING (per person) 
Varies, dependent upon the room you choose, as follows:

Double Occupancy:
·         Two night stay          -  $469.70 - $536.90
·         Three night stay       -  $578.90 - $685.30
Single Occupancy:
·         Two night stay          -  $542.50 - $676.90
·         Three night stay       -  $657.30 - $858.90

Contact the Alter Ego Fitness office ASAP to reserve the room of your choice and pay your non-refundable deposit of ½ the costVisa, MasterCard or cash accepted. And remember, if you pay in full by March 07th, you can SAVE $50!